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Critical Pedagogy and Technology Consultants Pty Ltd is an Australian educational company created in 2003. It brings together leading edge educational theory and ICT (Information and Computing) in education. While, initially, the company focused on language education and technology-enhanced language learning, it has extended its activities into a number of important areas with community. educational and academic perspectives as listed below. For more information about any project (including purchase options), please click on the appropriate link. This site is very much under construction. If  you are interested in one of our projects but do not find the information you want on this site, please use the Contact Us form to make your query and we will respond as soon as possible.



Community Projects
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Educational Projects
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Academic Projects


Other Services



Broadband for Seniors: free resources specifically designed for Australia's Seniors to become familiar with the Internet.

Critical Writing: advanced self-managed system for developing critical thinking skills and writing quality assignments for school, college or university.

Picture of VoltaireLes pièces notariées de Voltaire: by Professor Jean-Michel Raynaud. This is the best critical edition of Voltaire's legal documents and the product of long-term in-depth research by a prominent Voltaire scholar.

A unique service for universities and colleges. We can support your TESOL, Applied Linguistics, CALL, LOTE Education or (selected) language programs with highly qualified professionals and scholars in the field.

If you wish to pilot a program, or even a single learning unit, without long-term financial risk, we will develop and deliver these at the highest standard and at minimal cost. You can then decide whether  a permanent investment is warranted.

Seniors Events Calendar: self-managed events calendar for Australia's Seniors (free to view, low-cost to post).

From-The-Kids-Point-of-View site: a great project for children in Queanbeyan, Australia.


Academic Publishing: we are publishers of serious academic work in the area of critical approaches to culture, language, including linguistics, language teaching, language learning, Applied Linguistics, TESOL, language pedagogy  and technology, including Computer Assisted Language Learning, ICT in language learning, Computer Assisted Learning.


A program can be delivered on a short-term or long-term basis and we will tailor it to your requirements. We can teach face-to-face, online or overseas as agreed. We can also help broker cooperation with selected overseas universities.

We can be an effective and efficient temporary, or even permanent, mini-department for you.

Community Events Calendar: self-managed events calendar for the Australian community (free to view, low-cost to post).

English OnLine: Learn to speak English with native speakers on many subjects and many situations using video and audio conferences. Our native speakers can also record and analyse your performances - a unique service.



Residential Aged Care Database  self-managed database for retrieviing and posting up-to-date information on Residential Aged Care Centres, including the number of vacancies (free to view, low-cost to post).

Academic Support & Assistance: Learn how to write good Theses (PhD and Master), Academic Essays and Articles. Learn new strategies for improving your academic performance at university, college or school. We supervise your writing and guide you to success.


  International Student Support & Assistance: specialists in international education will help you adapt to your new environment and be successful.    



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